The Sunstone Symposium is the ward you wish you had.

In 1978, the Sunstone Education Foundation started the Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium, an open forum where Mormons from all points on the belief spectrum could meet and discuss various aspects of the LDS tradition.


More than 40 years later, the Sunstone Salt Lake Symposium draws more than 2,500 attendees together to talk about Mormon history, theology, politics, and culture. Attendees include faithful members from many restoration branches, as well as ex-members and non-members.

At Sunstone, there is more than one way to Mormon.

At Sunstone 2019 you will find YOUR people.

No matter what your personal belief, at the Sunstone Salt Lake Symposium you will find others to whom you can relate, learn from, and share a laugh with.

People come to Sunstone for many reasons:

>> To find a kinder way to live our religion

>> To know that we're all in this together, no matter how we live our heritage

>> To claim our heritage and own our faith

>> To approach faith with curiosity, compassion, and humility


Begin the journey toward your own answers at Sunstone Summer Symposium 2019

Besides community and scholarship, fun tends to break out in unexpected places. Don't be surprised if you see polygamists trading jokes with atheists, or church historians guffawing over the latest Brother Jake video.


Join us for three days of thought, Fun, and friendship, July 31 - August 3, 2019

Experience the Celestial Kingdom of our conference experience! The three-day package gives you entrance into every session at the best price possible.  You'll get a discount for purchasing early. Our symposiums tend to fill quickly, and advance purchase is recommended.