E75: Keep Sweet: Introduction to Mormon Fundamentalism

In this episode, Bryan, Lindsay and Cristina Rosetti discuss Netflix’s new series Keep Sweet which tells the story of two sisters and their upbringing in the Flds. We go into the background of Mormon Fundamentalism and how it started to explain to listeners how stories like those featured in Keep Sweet, could have possibly happened.

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  1. Clark Anderus says:

    This is obvious slanted/one-sided information. I’m not sure how something can be counted as a “credible” podcast with such one-sidedness. There are tons of publications, including those published directly from the church archives, that are disregarded in this session with people who have 0 credibility to talk about this. Let’s get people who are actual experts at this history on here. Society is full of people who have an agenda when presenting history. Everyone who is listening please be respectful but, realize that there is better information out there on this topic.

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