Event: Salt Lake Symposium 2009

SL09391 Panel: Discussion on Mormon Enigma 25 Years Later

Linda King Newell and Val Tippets Avery’s biography of Emma Hale Smith was published in fall 1984 after nine years of research and writing. It won three awards: MHA’s Best Book Award; John Whitmer Historical Association’s Best Book Award; and the Evans Award for Excellence in Western Biography. Nine months after the publication of the …

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SL09252 Toward a Feminist Mormon Midrash: The Prodigal Daughter and Other Imaginative Readings of Scripture [Partial]

How would our understanding of scriptural parables, allegories, and narratives, as well as Church history, be enlarged and enlightened if told through a woman’s understanding and experience? Taking as a model the imaginative expansions and extrapolations of scripture by ancient Jewish rabbis and contemporary Jewish women, this session invites Latter-day Saints to re-imagine their scripture, …

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SL09313 Singing the Song of Redeeming Love: Musical Lessons on Form and Freedom, Matter and Meaning, Repetition and Renewal

”Women’s work” is often repetitive and seemingly thankless. The work of our spiritual lives can sometimes seem this way, too—repetitious and rule-bound, with distant or uncertain rewards. This presentation will use musical examples to discover new ways to see these necessary tasks and habits and draw strength from music itself and from the lessons it …

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