‘Faithful Scholarship’ And The Mainstreaming Of Mormon Studies

‘Faithful Scholarship’ And The Mainstreaming Of Mormon Studies As Mormon studies emerges at non-LDS institutions of higher education (Utah Valley State College, Utah State University, Claremont Graduate University), it will be shaped by negotiation among various interests. The most important set of LDS interests is represented by “faithful scholarship,” which has come to set the standard of acceptable scholarship about Mormonism for many Latter-day Saints poised to help shape the emerging subfield as scholars, students, donors, and local community constituents. How did faithful scholarship become the dominant normative model for LDS scholars, replacing relatively more anti-intellectual and more naturalistic outlooks in the process? What does the influence of faithful scholarship mean for the future of Mormon studies?

John-Charles Duffy, M.A., Presenter; Brian Birch, Ph.D., Respondent