December 1995
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December 1995

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Topics included in this issue: Old Testament, Ordinances, Other Religions, Personal Essay, Philosophy, Pornography, Poetry, News, Missionary Work, Priesthood, Play, New Testament, Native American, Myth, Music, Prophet/prophecy, Mormon Culture, Sin, Media, Marriage, Literature, Life Crisis, Letters, Mormon History, Symposium, People, Law, Work, Welfare, War and peace, Violence, Utah, Truth, Theology, Science and Religion, Temples, Religious Studies, Sunstone, Standards, Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts, Sociology, Scripture studies, RLDS/Community of Christ, Review, Revelation, Repentance/Forgiveness, Testimony, Brigham Young, Death, Cultural Studies, Critical Scholarship, Crime, Cornucopia, Contemporary Mormonism, Community, Church Organization, Church Discipline, Christian principles, Demographics, BYU, Ancient America, Booknote, Book of Mormon, Biography, Belief, Autobiography, Art, Agency, Abuse, Joseph Smith, Personal Journey, Cartoons, Humor, Jesus Christ, Academic Freedom, Discipleship, Interreligious dialogue, International Church, Humanitarian Issues, Homosexuality, History, Hierarchy, Health, Godhood, General Authorities, Education, Film, Fiction, Feminism, Family, Faith, Divorce, Environment, Drugs, Economics, food .

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02 Readers' Forum Download PDF
08 John McKnight Of Good Report: On the Backwardness of Prophets Download PDF
09 Elbert Eugene Peck From the Editor: Potluck Download PDF
13 Luana Uluave Turning the Time Over to . . .: Teaching Confessions to Saints: A Non-LDS Professor and Her LDS Students Download PDF
17 C. Wade Bentley I want to say good-bye. . . Download PDF
18 Cornucopia: ' Writing Emma'; Download PDF
18 Cornucopia: Peculiar People--LDS Less Likely to Divorce Download PDF
19 Cornucopia: Book of Mormon Musings--The Writing on the Wall Download PDF
20 Cornucopia: Saints in America Download PDF
20 Cornucopia: Twenty Years Ago--Articles of Faithful Publication Download PDF
21 Lowell C. Ben Bennion The Geographic Dynamics of Mormondom, 1965-95 Download PDF
33 Julie Nichols Jesus Laughing Download PDF
36 Rosemary A. Klein Report on the Rochester Mission Download PDF
37 Courtney S. Campbell The Ordeal and Meaning of Suffering Download PDF
43 Niranjan Mohanty Enterprise Download PDF
44 Emma Lou Thayne The Paintings, the Painter, and the Poet Download PDF
49 Cara O'Sullivan The Coin of Destiny Download PDF
50 D. Michael Quinn Pillars of My Faith: The Rest is History Download PDF
58 Susan Elizabeth Howe The Moral Imagination Download PDF
62 Bruce W. Jorgensen Repentance Download PDF
63 Neil LaBute Bash: A Remembrance of Hatred and Longing Download PDF
69 Holly Welker Making Tea Download PDF
70 Neal C. Chandler Sabbath School Bash Download PDF
73 Dean L. May Sermon: The Nexus of Faith and Doubt Download PDF
75 Karl Rosenquist Sunday in St. Augustine Download PDF
76 Niranjan Mohanty How Much? Download PDF
76 Booknotes: ' Hidden Cities: The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilization' by Roger G Kennedy; 'The Dragon's Tapestry' by Martine Bates; 'Prism Moon' by Martine Bates Download PDF
77 Marvin S. Hill Reviews: Where Are the Good Guys? And Paradigm Lost-- 'The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power,' by D. Michael Quinn Download PDF
83 Karl Rosenquist Great Salt Desert Download PDF
95 Parley A. Christensen An Olive Leaf: Mormonism: An Eternal Quest Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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