June-July 1998
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June-July 1998

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Topics included in this issue: Race/racism, Mormon Culture, Tolerance, Personal Essay, People, Other Religions, Old Testament, New Testament, Native American, Pioneers, Mormon History, Play, Missionary Work, Men, Media, Marriage, Literature, Letters, Law, My Creed, Science and Religion, Resurrection, Testimony, Temples, Symposium, Symbolism, Spirituality, Sin, Personal Journey, Scripture studies, International Church, Review, Revelation, Religious Studies, Prophet/prophecy, Priesthood, Politics, Poetry, Sexuality, Blessing, Death, Cyberspace, Cultural Studies, Critical Scholarship, Contemporary Mormonism, Community, Church Organization, Jesus Christ, Christian principles, Economics, Biography, Belief, Atonement, Art, Agency, Academic Freedom, Abuse, Church Activity, food, Truth, In Memoriam, Humor, Humanitarian Issues, Honesty, Homosexuality, Holidays, Demographics, Godhood, Doctrinal History, Fiction, Family, Ethics, Equality, Environment, Education, Editorial, Internet, Health, Theology, Violence, War and peace, Work, Youth, Utah .

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02 Letters Download PDF
08 Elbert Eugene Peck Editorial: Yagottawanna! Download PDF
09 Mary Lythgoe Bradford In Memoriam: Esther Eggertson Peterson Download PDF
11 Courtney S. Campbell Turning the Time Over to . . .: Prophecy and Citizenry: The Case of Human Cloning Download PDF
15 Anita Tanner Language of Light Download PDF
16 Michael Austin Critical Matters: Mormon Pageants Download PDF
17 Bryan Waterman Cornucopia: The Medium and the Message: 'Just Like Hercules' Download PDF
18 John Tarjan Cornucopia: My Creed: The Time for Joy Is Now Download PDF
20 Cherie Woodworth In the World: Easter Story Download PDF
22 Karl C. Sandberg In Quest of the Christian Classics: The Book of Jonah Download PDF
25 Kim Bridgeford Barbed Wire Download PDF
26 Lavina Fielding Anderson Sermon: Loving the Questions Download PDF
31 Sean Brendan-Brown King of Wounds Download PDF
32 Margaret Blair Young Line Upon Line: No Toil Nor Labor: Unfinished Business Download PDF
33 David P. Wright Sex and Death in the Garden of Eden Download PDF
39 C. Rohrbacher Days Unfold Download PDF
40 Plates & Angles Download PDF
42 Tim Slover Jim of Provo Download PDF
48 John D. Hamilton Target Practice Download PDF
49 Eugene England Becoming a World Religion: Blacks, the Poor--All of Us Download PDF
61 Miriam A. Smith Lighter Minds: A Modest Proposal for Reducing the Population of Single Men in the Church Download PDF
62 Sofia M. Starnes Lunar Eclipse Download PDF
63 Marybeth Raynes Interview: Sex and Spirituality Download PDF
65 Elouise M. Bell Three Courses of Tasty Satire: Robert Kirby and Pat Bagley's 'Sunday of the Living Dead,' 'Wake Me for the Resurrection,' and 'Pat and Kirby Go to Hell' Download PDF
68 Marc A. Schindler Booknote: 'Mormons on the Internet,' by LauraMaery Gold Download PDF
69 Booknote: 'Black Saints in a White Church,' by Jessie Embry Download PDF
70 Eric Lynn Jones Brady Udall's 'Letting Loose the Hounds' Download PDF
71 News: LDS in Africa: Growing Membersip Sees American Church with Unique Vision Download PDF
80 Leonard J. Arrington An Olive Leaf: 'Reverence and Responsibility' Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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