March-April 1999
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March-April 1999

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Topics included in this issue: Health, Divorce, Doctrinal History, Economics, Education, Environment, Equality, Ethics, Family, Feminism, Letters, General Authorities, Critical Scholarship, Hierarchy, History, Holidays, Homosexuality, Humanitarian Issues, International Church, Law, Legal History, Fiction, Christian principles, Abuse, Academic Freedom, Agency, Art, Belief, Blessing, Book of Mormon, BYU, Demographics, Censorship, Death, Church Activity, Church Organization, Communal Efforts, Community, Contemporary Mormonism, Cornucopia, Counseling and Mental Health, Crime, Humor, Cartoons, Honesty, Psychology, Religious Studies, Revelation, Scripture studies, Sexuality, Sin, Prophet/prophecy, Spiritual Gifts, Sociology, Temples, Testimony, Theology, Truth, Violence, Women, Youth, Life Crisis, Music, Symposium, Polygamy, Marriage, Media, Literature, Mormon History, Missionary Work, News, Ordinances, Other Religions, People, Personal Essay, Personal Journey, Poetry, Politics, Mormon Culture .

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02 Letters Download PDF
08 Elbert Eugene Peck Editorial: Silver Limnings Download PDF
10 Robert Cooperman One Last Time Download PDF
11 Robert A. Rees Turning the Time Over to . . .: The Lords of Misrule vs. The Lord of the Dance Download PDF
13 Mark J. Mitchell Manitou Pines Download PDF
14 Sylvia Cabus Cornucopia: Conversion Story: The Making of a 'Very Atypical Mormon' Download PDF
16 Carlfred Broderick Cornucopia: Twenty Years Ago: Mother-in-Zion Syndrome Download PDF
16 Edgar C. Snow Jr. Cornucopia: Mormon Musings: Do-Re-Me-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do Download PDF
17 Holly Welker Psalm: Love Psalm 14 or Leo and Sagittarius Download PDF
22 Pauline Mortensen Line Upon Line: No Toil Nor Labor: The Mother's Leg Download PDF
24 Amanda Porterfield Recurring Tendencies in the History of American Christian Women Download PDF
33 Pamela J. Padgett Interiors Download PDF
34 R. S. Carlson Round Trip Download PDF
35 Jan Stucki My Father Waltzing Home Download PDF
39 Rhonda C. Poynter For My Mother, Sightless Download PDF
40 Trent Nelson Plates and Angles: King Lamoni and Ammon Download PDF
42 Todd Compton Thoughts on the Possibility of an Open Temple Download PDF
50 Wayne C. Booth Do What Is Right, Let the Consequence Follow: Contrasting Messages in Mormon Hymns Download PDF
63 Nicole Melanson Fugue Download PDF
64 Michael Austin Critical Matters: Swifts of Our Own Download PDF
66 Sean Brendan-Brown Ice Storm Cottonwoods Download PDF
67 Robert Kirby Lighter Minds: Is Laughing in Church a Mortal Sin? Download PDF
68 David Thomas Sumner This Side of the Tracts: Dominion, Dressing, Keeping Download PDF
70 W. R. Wilkins On Wanapum Mesa Download PDF
71 Michael E. Nielsen Prophetic Charisma: The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities' by Len Oakes Download PDF
73 Gerald R. Wheeler Grand Download PDF
73 Brian Evenson Review: 'Carnival Wolves' by Peter Rock Download PDF
80 Henry Eyring An Olive Leaf: Warts and Skeletons Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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