December 1989
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December 1989

Listed below are the articles from this issue.

Topics included in this issue: Personal Journey, Philosophy, Personal Essay, Poetry, Politics, Play, Parenting, Other Religions, News, Native American, Polygamy, Women, Ordinances, Priesthood, Psychology, Religious Studies, Review, RLDS/Community of Christ, Sociology, Theology, Truth, War and peace, Word of Wisdom, Mormon Studies, Doctrinal History, Utah, Christian principles, Economics, Belief, Book of Mormon, Church Organization, Community, Contemporary Mormonism, Cultural Studies, Devotional, Mormon History, Ecology, Agency, Media, Blessing, Equality, Mormon Culture, Missionary Work, Joseph Smith, International Church, Humor, Humanitarian Issues, Godhood, Film, Feminism, Faith .

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02 Readers' Forum Download PDF
05 Elbert Eugene Peck From the Editor: Equality and the Diversity of Gifts Download PDF
06 Margaret Rampton Munk Psalm: October Prayer Download PDF
08 Paul James Toscano Priesthood Concepts in the Book of Mormon Download PDF
18 Hand Carr? Directing the Shine of the Light Download PDF
22 Robert Frederick Lauer The Beehive State Download PDF
45 Robert A. Rees Monologues and Dialogues: On Drinking Coke Download PDF
46 Marie Cornwall Another Voice: The Gender Question Download PDF
49 John Durham Peters Dennis Rasmussen's 'The Lord's Question: Thoughts on the Life of Response'; Edward Abbey's 'Desert Solitaire' Download PDF
52 Penny Allen Tefnua Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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