December 1991
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December 1991

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Topics included in this issue: Race/racism, Mormon History, Ordinances, Prophet/prophecy, Polygamy, Politics, Poetry, Pioneers, Personal Journey, Other Religions, Psychology, Old Testament, News, New Testament, Men, Music, Relief Society, Mormon Culture, Missionary Work, Media, Literature, Myth, Symposium, Parenting, Life Crisis, Work, War and peace, Violence, Utah, Truth, Tolerance, Theology, Women, Temples, Review, Symbolism, Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts, Sociology, Short Story, Sexism, Scripture studies, Science and Religion, Sacrament, Testimony, Church Organization, Economics, Doctrinal History, Divorce, Demographics, Death, Cultural Studies, Critical Scholarship, Counseling and Mental Health, Contemporary Mormonism, Education, Communal Efforts, Book of Mormon, Church Activity, Christian principles, BYU, Biography, Philosophy, Art, Ancient America, Agency, Letters, Community, Humor, Atonement, Environment, Joseph Smith, Interreligious dialogue, Honesty, Holidays, Historiography, Hierarchy, Health, Godhood, Family, Ethics, Jesus Christ, Genealogy, Equality, Faith, Feminism, Fiction, LDS Doctrine, Folklore, Abuse, food .

Page Author Title  
02 Readers' Forum Download PDF
12 Elbert Eugene Peck From the Editor: Cowboy Poetry and Boots Download PDF
15 Lowell L. Bennion Turning the Time Over to . . . : Faith and Knowledge Download PDF
16 Orson F. Whitney Psalm: The Poet's Prayer Download PDF
17 Hodgson Van Wagoner Our Palace of Green and Gold Download PDF
18 Michael R. Collings Writha Download PDF
19 Dorice Williams Elliott Women, the Mormon Family, and Class Mobility: Nineteenth-Century Victorian Ideology in a Twentieth-Century Church Download PDF
26 Carol Clark Ottesen Psalm for Woman Download PDF
27 Gary James Bergera Toward 'Psychologically Informed' Mormon History and Biography Download PDF
32 George D. Smith William Clayton: Joseph Smith's 'Private Clerk' and Eyewitness to Mormon Polygamy in Nauvoo Download PDF
36 Eugene England Healing and Making Peace?In the World and the Church Download PDF
47 Noel de Nevers Mormons and Their Neighbors:To See Ourselves As Others See Us Download PDF
50 Robert Kirby Lighter Minds: Five Kinds of Mormons Download PDF
52 Robert A. Rees Monologues and Dialogues: On Death and Dying Download PDF
54 Timothy Liu The Church Download PDF
54 William J. Hamblin Give and Take: Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword Download PDF
55 Mark D. Thomas Swords into Pruning Hooks Download PDF
56 Michael R. Collings Warren Remembers the Chicken Coop; After Thirty Years As Ward Organist Download PDF
56 Levi S. Peterson Phyllis Barber's 'And the Desert Shall Blossom'; Paul Toscano and Cal Grondahl's 'Music and the Broken Word'; 'Utah Art' by Vern Swanson, Robert Olpin, and William Seifrit Download PDF
62 NEWS: Conference Contrasts Restoration Traditions Download PDF


  1. Susan James says:

    Hello. I was browsing on your site today. I wanted to download the back issue October 2011 but the link to “download the entire pdf” led me to a page error. Nor was there an option to purchase. How does one access online copies of Sunstone?


    Susan James

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