Made-Up Missionaries, Fake Faith, & Concocted Conversions: The Alchemy Of The Book Of Mormon Musical

The Book of Mormon musical plays to sold-out audiences who leap to their feet for standing ovations as the show ends; the play has earned critical raves and won “Best Musical” in the 2011 Tonys. Whether “God loves Mormons and he wants some more,” as the lyrics to “Two by Two” declare, Broadway seems to love Mormons—at least, fictional ones. Given that the play explores how made-up truths can offer redemption and hope, what can Mormons learn about themselves from the made-up missionaries, fake faith, and concocted conversions depicted in the hottest musical of 2011—if not one of the most irreverent and profane musicals ever?

Holly Welker, Clifton H. Jolley, Marc E. Shaw, George D. Smith