Mormon Epic: A Poetic Tribute To Joseph Smith And The Restoration

The Restoration of Primitive Christianity and the emergence of Mormonism as a world religion is a story worthy of an epic poem. Now Mormon poet Ron Wilcox has written the first books of such an epic, with Joseph Smith as the latter-day odysseus-achilles hero at the center. Wilcox’s poem captures Joseph’s soul and the beginnings of Mormonism in powerful language and imageryduties if one wished to be clothed, human beings used textiles as a means of self-expression and creating beauty. Mormonism has a rich tradition of beautiful textile arts, including quilting bees in Relief Society, and teaching lDS girls to embroider, crochet, and knit in Primary. How does working with textiles support lDS women’s—and men’s—spiritual and creative lives and enrich their relationships with others?

Robert A. Rees, Brent Corcoran, Clifton H. Jolley, Karen Marguerite Moloney, Ronald Wilcox