SL09371 Panel: Do Mormons Dream of Monstrous Gods? Interpreting Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Myth

Mormon mom and BYU grad Stephenie Meyer created a myth so compelling, her Twilight series sold 42 million books worldwide and migrated to the movie screen and grossed $188 million. As the bestselling fiction author of 2008, Meyer is the biggest publishing phenomenon since J.K. Rowling. She has sold more books than any Mormon author except Joseph Smith and is the most commercially successful Mormon writer since Orson Scott Card and Stephen R. Covey. Her vision of ethical vampires is violent and redemptive, addictive and satiating, prosaic and provocative, with hints of deeper meaning buried in a narrative of teen angst. What is the magic in her myth that captivates so many readers? Is her netherworld a dreamscape others long to inhabit? Does Mormonism shape her work? How do religious themes or ideas emerge in her work? What do her books say about her and her readers?

Maxine Hanks, Holly Welker, Davis Farnsworth, Doe Daughtrey, Jana K. Riess