Speaker: Aaron Taylor

She Said/He said: Examining Women’s Ordination

We’ve assembled a panel of women and men to engage the question of women’s ordination in Mormonism. What are the benefits of women’s ordination as each side sees them? What are the hurdles? Are the biggest obstacles theological or social in nature? Where does your opinion fall on the spectrum? Christy Ellis-Clegg, Aaron Taylor, Michael …

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LDS-interest blogspace is divided into many different communities: Mormon feminists, Mormon mommies, Borderlanders (or New Order Mormons), interfaith discussion blogs, Nothing Wavering, Outer Blogness, the core of the Bloggernacle, and probably others. All of these communities overlap and communicate with one another, but they also do various types of boundary- maintenance to decide who’s in …

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SL09133 Panel: Possibilities in Mormon Feminism

Abstract This panel will explore several issues in Mormon feminism, making use of scripture, feminist philosophy/critical theory, and theology. Questions we will examine include an analysis of the Mormon readings of Eve’s role in the Eden story, subjectivity and embodiment in Mormonism, and connections between relational understandings of God in mainstream feminist theology and LDS …

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