Speaker: Andrew Bolton

SL09254 From the Militarism of Nauvoo to a Contemporary Peace Church—A Difficult But Important Journey for the Community of Christ?

Latter Day Saint militarism peaked in Nauvoo with the 5,000-strong Nauvoo Legion under the command of Lt. General Joseph Smith Jr. Militarism also appears to be correlated with patriarchy and in Nauvoo included both the beginning of polygamy and resistance to it by women led by Emma Smith through the Women’s Relief Society. This paper …

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SL09273 Panel: Community of Christ Principles of Church History: A Turning Point and a Good Example?

Unlike the Community of Christ, the LDS Church has no formally defined history principles, but it does have fairly clear positions enunciated by officials on various levels toward various historical events and attitudes. This panel discusses the origins and implementation of these nine principles in the Community of Christ with particular attention to the questions: …

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