Speaker: Bengt Washburn


“Mormon humor” is a concept that would startle many non-Mormons, but despite the warning in D&C 59:15 that “much laughter . . . is sin,” Mormons have long appreciated a good laugh. Simultaneously willing to laugh at themselves and sensitive to criticism, Mormons must answer the question: If you can’t laugh at a man claiming …

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SL07141: Stand-up comedy – MORMON MEETS WORLD

Stand-up comedy – MORMON MEETS WORLD BENGT WASHBURN “killed” during his lunchtime set at last year’s Sunstone symposium. We had to have him back! After nine years of toil, his bank account and resumé were inferior to those of a trained monkey. Since he switched to comedy, Bengt has performed in comedy clubs and on …

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Stand-Up comedy: Mormon Meets World

Stand-Up comedy: Mormon Meets World Bengt has been called “an intellectual with an imp’s perspective.” He is known as an intelligent and prolific comic. The ever-evolving topics of his show are often autobiographical and mostly true. He created many aching sides and great memories as he performed at the 2002 Sunstone symposium, and we’re very …

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