Speaker: Benjamin Shaffer

Joseph Smith’s Adam-God Teachings: A Historical Look

This presentation will review many statements from Joseph Smith, including new documentation that has come to light in the Joseph Smith Papers Project, to argue that the Adam-God teachings in Mormonism originate with Joseph Smith and not with Brigham Young. Correcting the record to indicate that Joseph Smith is the origin of Adam-God teachings has …

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Continuity and Change in Temple Worship

The history of LDS temple theology and practice has undergone three distinct phases: 1) “Development.” From 1836–1917 temple theology and practice evolved and became standardized. 2) “Stability, Maturity, and Expansion.” From 1919–1975 a consistent temple theology and practice was integrated into LDS culture worldwide. 3) “Revision and Change.” From 1975–Present major changes in temple practice …

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