Speaker: Cheryl L. Bruno

Freemasonry’s Impact on Mormon Mourning in Nauvoo

In Mormon Nauvoo, there was barely a person who did not feel the pangs of a loved one’s death. At the passing of one of his dear friends, King Follett, Joseph Smith sought to comfort those who had experienced loss. Secreted within the words of his sermon were Masonic themes which many in the audience …

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Sister Wives Go To Court

In 2003, the US Supreme Court struck down laws criminalizing sex between gay and lesbian individuals, finding that those laws violated the individuals’ rights to privacy and intimate association. Could the same logic apply to anti-polygamy laws? a recent lawsuit, Brown V. Herbert, argues just that. What are the legal claims in the Brown lawsuit, …

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SL10372: Seeing as Believing

The eclectic visions of three diverse and discerning poets emerge as concrete images, scenes, shapes, and shadow—screened in a sensuous slide show and read and performed live. Poetry in voice, in paint, in photos, and in ink, all of which remains on the retina and stretches the imagination. ALEX CALDIERO, CHERYL L. BRUNO, PAUL SWENSON

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