Speaker: Darius Gray

DC09006: Panel: Where Were You on June 8, 1978?

A common response to the race issue in Mormonism is the often tearful memory of where we were on June 8, 1978. But Black Latter-day Saints who have some history in the Church remember when racialist policies kept them from full participation in the Church and justified some appalling assumptions about them. Today, many of …

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‘I’M BLESSED’: AN INTERVIEW WITH DARIUS GRAY Darius Aidan Gray joined the LDS church in 1964, at a time when black members were not allowed to hold the priesthood and could not enjoy temple blessings. But a remarkable answer to prayer, “This is the restored gospel and you are to join,” led him to put …

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Pillars Of My Faith

This is Sunstone’s perennially best-attended session. Hear speakers share the events and concepts that animate their religious lives; a little soul-baring, a little spiritual journey, a little intellectual testimony-bearing. This self-reflective night is about the things that matter most, plus spirited congregational hymn-singing. H. Parker Blount, Margaret Blair Young, Darius Gray

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