Speaker: David Pace

Mormon Nudists: Naked and Not Ashamed

Mormon Nudists: Naked and Not Ashamed With extreme policies on wearing temple garments and dressing modestly, the LDS Church seems an unlikely spawning ground for a subculture of nudists. Yet they exist, and in greater numbers than most people probably realize. D. Michael Martindale, a prominent activist for naturism, will present the rationale, spirituality, and …

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This I Believe

This I Believe This session is modeled on This I Believe, the 1950’s radio series revived and broadcast on NPR. Participants crystallize an aspect of their core beliefs into a 350–500 word essay. Come hear essays from old and new friends-and we’ll have time during the session for the audience members to begin writing essays …

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We are non-Mormons who have observed that the LDS Church seems to be divided into essentially two camps, loyalists and dissidents, the blindly devoted and the brutally critical. Each seems to champion the Church’s well-being. But if the Church’s effectiveness in serving its members and the community declines, we think, ironically, it will because of …

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