Speaker: Denver C. Snuffer

Other Sheep, Indeed

Christ’s “other sheep” are mentioned in the New Testament and Book of Mormon, but remain unidentified. There are important things known to the “other sheep” but still unknown to Mormons. “The least of these” may not be our inferiors, but may be needed to complete Mormonism. Mormonism welcomes all truth, wherever it is found, and …

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Was There An Original

Although every splinter since the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith claimed or claims to be the authentic version of Mormonism, the real question is whether there was “an original.” From the First Vision until June 27, 1844 Mormonism constantly changed. It was still a work-in-process at Joseph’s death. Even the design for the Nauvoo …

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The Mormon Legal Mind

Jesus said, “And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.” This passage raises a number of questions for Latter-day Saints. Does Jesus oppose lawsuits? If so, why does the LDS Church engage in litigation? Would Jesus encourage his church to structure its …

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