Speaker: Devery Anderson

Utah Politics: The Elephant in the Room

Utah became a Republican state because Latter-day Saints disagreed with changes brought by the sexual revolution. Abortion, pornography, gay marriage, as well as the decline of traditional families and the rise of out-of-marriage births led them to Republicanism; Utah non-Mormons, facing a seemingly permanent religious-political majority, became Democrats. LDS adherence to the old morality also …

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Leonard J. Arrington and His Diaries

With his call as official LDS Church Historian in 1972, Leonard J. Arrington was given a mandate to professionalize its historical publications. Arrington’s team was prolific and its output impressive, but before long, they encountered opposition from a few members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and church bureaucrats. Signature Books’s long awaited, 2,600-page …

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