Speaker: Edgar C. Snow

SPEAKING IN A PROPHETIC VEIN: Hugh Nibley as Social Critic

Eugene England has called Hugh Nibley “the finest lay (in contrast to officially called) prophet of the Latter-day Saint people,” and has argued that Nibley “most perceptively describes our sins, most courageously and persistently calls us to repentance, and most accurately predicts our future if we will not repent.” England may be guilty of hyperbole, …

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DID MORMON MUMMIES FIND A HOME AT THE CARLOS MUSEUM IN ATLANTA? On the Trail of the Missing Joseph Smith Mummies and Papyri

In 1999, the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta purchased a collection of Egyptian artifacts, including ten coffins and nine mummies, formerly owned by “The Niagara Falls Museum and Daredevil Hall of Fame.” Recent research confirms four of these mummies had apparently been purchased by the Niagara Falls Museum from the Wood’’s Museum in Chicago …

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Marvelous Work & Blunders: Mormon Humor Readings

Marvelous Work & Blunders: Mormon Humor Readings Eloise Bell will read a few selections from ‘Madame Ridiculous and Lady Sublime,’ her new collection of essays to be published in the fall by Signature Books. Ed Snow will likely read from his book, ‘Of Curious Workmanship: Musings on Things Mormon’, which was just released from Signature …

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