Speaker: Elizabeth Pinborough

Panel: Following Christ in a World of Anxiety

This panel will examine the ways we apply Christ’s message in our lives and implement his teachings in a modern, anxiety-riddled world. While following the example of Jesus is comforting, we also recognize that the path to discipleship is not easy and demands a deep commitment from each of us. Michael Vinson, Elizabeth Pinborough, John …

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Habits Of Being: Mormon Women And Inherited Material Culture

This session and its accompanying exhibit take women’s material culture out of boxes, attics, and closets and display it in a public conversational space. in the exhibit, fifteen women explore the rich material heritage of their female ancestors through photographs and words. in the discussion, women reflect on their heritage as told through objects, including …

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SL09374 Panel: Young Scholars in Mormonism

Mormon Studies is a field of growing academic interest, and many young LDS scholars are making it their professional focus as well as a personal interest. This panel brings some of the bright young minds in Mormon Studies together to discuss what drew them to this field of study, what kinds of academic work they …

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