Speaker: Emily Clyde Curtis


The feminist slogan, “the personal is political,” calls attention to the profound relationship between power structures and personal life. Personal problems are often rooted in political, economic, cultural, and religious systems. Section 121 of the Doctrine and Covenants warns us that even divinely ordained power can be abused. This panel will look at power structures …

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Habits Of Being: Mormon Women And Inherited Material Culture

This session and its accompanying exhibit take women’s material culture out of boxes, attics, and closets and display it in a public conversational space. in the exhibit, fifteen women explore the rich material heritage of their female ancestors through photographs and words. in the discussion, women reflect on their heritage as told through objects, including …

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SL09326 Panel: Online Lesson Resources

The explosion of online publishing has created a proliferation of lesson helps, hints, and resources for the LDS teacher. These span an enormous range of ortho- and heterodoxies and offer a fascinating picture of how Correlation works (and doesn’t) in the 21st century. Join creators and users of some of these resources for a discussion …

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