Speaker: Eric Samuelsen

Are Mormon Democrats Coming Out Of Extinction?

In April 1998, Elder Marlin K. Jensen told the Salt Lake Tribune that Church leaders feel “it’s not in the best interest [of the Church] to be known as a one-party church.” With the rise of Senator Harry Reid to Senate minority leader, and with a growing disenchantment with Bush administration policies on faith-based initiatives, …

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Reading Lolita In Tehran, Reading Pride And Prejudice In Taichung: Literature As Resistance To Spiritual And Political Oppression And As An Aid To Spiritual Growth

Reading Lolita in Tehran explores how reading forbidden works of literature can be a soul-saving act of resistance to spiritual and political oppression. Latter-day Saints are advised to seek knowledge out of the best books and encouraged to believe that the church will one day have its Shakespeare’s and Miltons. Panelists will explore the relationship …

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