Transitioning Lds Church History Toward Mormon Latino History

Over the last twenty-five years the Museum of Mormon History of the Americas has dedicated time and resources to documenting, preserving and exhibiting Mexican Mormon history. This has led to the establishment of the Museum of the History of Mormonism in Mexico in Provo, a private, non-profit institution. Come learn about the history and offerings …

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Making Mormonism Mine Claiming Space Within The Faith

With decades of experience in claiming space inside the institutional Church, the LDS community, and/or the Mormon intellectual community, this all-star panel will talk about how they have carved out a space in and around Mormonism. Robert Kirby, Carol Lynn Pearson, Fernando R. Gomez, Cathy Stokes, Lorie Winder Stromberg

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SL10335: Mormonism and Radical Politics

”The Relevance of Tolstoyans for Contemporary Latter-day Saints.” Tolstoyans adhered to Russian literary genius Leo Tolstoy’s philosophy of truth and brotherly love based on complete non-violence, vegetarianism, communal living, and a code of ethics that included abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and foul language. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Tolstoyans are similar …

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