Speaker: Gerald S. Argetsinger

SL10371: Gay and Mormon on the Stage and Screen

”Mormon Mothers as Devices (Key Change-Agents) Used to Reduce the Toxicity of LDS LGBT Inertia.” Frost presents insights he gained while creating his popular character Sister Dottie S. Dixon, exploring the role of “mother” as an agent for positive change within the Mormon family. “Coming Out Mormon Style: Three Recent Plays, One by Me.” The …

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SL09333 Panel: The Gay Mormon Literature Project

The Gay Mormon Literature Project is an examination of how the Mormon Church is portrayed in narrative fiction, drama, and film, and includes all instances located to date which contain gay Mormon characters and/or address gay Mormon themes (excluding erotica). Beginning with Drury’s Paul Tinker, Gerald S. Argetsinger, Melissa Leilani Larson, Johnny Townsend, Jonathan Langford

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