Speaker: Gloria Rees

The First Vision in Poetry

Two hundred years ago Joseph Smith walked into the woods near his family farm and experienced the founding vision of the Restoration. While theologians and scholars have debated the veracity and contours of Joseph’s theophany, painters and poets have attempted to capture its essence in pigment and verse. This session presents examples of both visual …

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The Malnourished Children of Madagascar

The Bountiful Children’s Foundation is an NGO that addresses malnutrition among Latter-day Saint and other children in the developing world. The foundation is currently serving the needs of malnourished children in over 200 congregations in 20 countries. Recently the Foundation expanded its operation to Madagascar, one of the poorest (and yet most beautiful) countries in …

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Evolving Faith: Building More Stately Spiritual Mansions

Jesus taught in parables so people at different levels of spiritual openness and preparedness could expand their vision—from where Christ found them to where he called them to move. We do not go lock-step into heaven; rather, each of us goes according to the light and love we choose to live by. This session emphasizes …

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