Speaker: Grant Palmer

Repairing And Preserving Relationships Damaged By Faith Crises

Many who have undergone crises of faith have found one of the most devasting by-products is damage to relationships with family and friends. This panel will explore personal experience strategies, mistakes, and perspectives in dealing with these fractures. The emphasis will be upon “keeping relationships in good repair”. Russ Osmond, Steve Lowther, John Dehlin, Sandra …

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The Ethics Of Doubt

Periods of doubt are a natural part of human development. But in cultures where doubting is considered a serious defect, people find themselves facing ethical dilemmas about how much, if anything, to say to family, friends, and Church leaders. This panel discusses how different Latter-day Saints have faced the challenges of dealing ethically with themselves …

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Abstract Mormonism seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis. For Church members, its founding claim to be the restoration of primitive Christianity along with its theology and worship practices have always made it feel very Christian. But with the Church’s efforts to emphasize Mormonism’s message of Christ even more strongly, subtitling the …

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