Speaker: Holly Welker

NW10005: LDS Church and New Media

The LDS Church has been the subject of much media scrutiny of late. With the attention has come some not-so-ideal PR, including backlash from California’s Prop 8 and survey results indicating many identify Mormons with polygamy (if they know anything about Mormons at all). Panelists and the audience discuss the LDS Church’s use of new …

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SL10174: Panel: The Book of Job

The Book of Job has been labeled the ur-text of both tragedy and the practical joke; it has inspired such interpretations and responses as Answer to Job by Carl Jung and A Serious Man by the Coen Brothers. Often considered a tale of mature spirituality, it both elicits and demands thoughtful consideration. This panel will …

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SL10373: Men and the Priesthood: Taking on the Feminine

Some feminists insist that they want equality in the priesthood while others just want to have a say in their culture. Before we brand an all-male priesthood as inherently bad, let’s step back and take a second look at some possible positive aspects of an all-male priesthood—as well as some of the drawbacks of such …

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