Speaker: Janice Allred

To the Mother in Heaven in Grief and Gratitude

In 1994 I published my first essay on the Mother in Heaven, “Toward a Mormon Theology of God the Mother,” which led to my excommunication from the LDS Church in 1Although this continues to be a source of grief in my life, I am grateful for the scriptures revealed by Joseph Smith. They have been …

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Extraordinary Ordinary Women

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s well-known aphorism, “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” was initially meant not to call attention to the importance of unconventional women’s lives, but to the importance of ordinary women’s lives. This panel will explore the lives of women, both ordinary and extraordinary, that help us better understand our past, give us insights into …

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Why I Don T Need Heavenly Mother

The Mormon theology of a Heavenly Mother has been widely discussed as a transcendent and empowering doctrine, especially among Mormon feminists. While we recognize this can be a valuable paradigm for many, this panel will discuss some of its implications. For example, what does a heterosexual god-couple imply for same-gender couples? Would feminizing some attributes …

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