Speaker: Jen Perlmutter Tanner

Movement Toward A Spectrum of Belief

These essays will show how the future of Mormonism exists through the creation of what we term a “spectrum of belief,” arguing for more inclusivity within Mormonism. Perkins’s essay argues for inclusivity for LGBTQ+ communities without direct authority from LDS leadership. Peck’s essay incorporates existentialism as a way to bring about a spectrum of belief …

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The Colorado City Music Festival

The Colorado City Music Festival, held in a polygamist hotbed, is the first festival of its kind. Bennett, one of its founders, will outline the relationships built, the challenges, and how he found Mormon fundamentalists open to sharing their culture. He’ll also talk about the changes he has seen in the community since the event …

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Quantum Physics and the Light of Christ in the Biblical Creation Story

Modern cosmology reveals Genesis 1 as a metaphor for creation of the universe, and the dual, wave/particle personality of light—the “complementarity principle”—defines the spiritual and physical creations and provides a scientific basis for the “fall.” God’s observation (“God saw…”) was the trigger that manifested each “day’s” physical creation from the spiritual.” Adam’s “transgression” was partaking …

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