Speaker: Jonathan Stapley


Mormon convert Peter McAuslan emigrated from Scotland in 1854. After arriving in Utah, Mormons experienced natural disasters, a reformation, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre. These violent events and the insistence on absolute obedience to Church leaders tore at McAuslan’s faith. Having become dissenters and fearful for their lives, his family left Utah under protection of …

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The persistent latter-day saint practice of deathbed rites is useful in describing general trends in Mormon ritual development and liturgy. As Mormons ritualized the deathbed, they drew from their native culture—and affronted it. Interacting with Protestant death culture and belief in Providence, Mormonism’s unique sacramentalism traversed the domains of salvation, healing, and community to comfort …

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Pillars is a Sunstone favorite wherein speakers share the events and concepts that animate their religious lives. It’s a little soul-baring, a little intellectual testimony-bearing. This self-reflective session is about the things that matter most. Join our panelists as they reflect on their spiritual journeys in progress. Steve Evans, Jonathan Stapley, Tracy Mullett McKay

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