Speaker: Josh Allred

Panel Discussion: Mainstream Mormon Women Go Plural

This session features a panel of women who chose to leave mainstream Mormonism to live the polygamous lifestyle. Panelists include the stars of a popular reality show and women from a variety of polygamous sects. This is your chance to pick their brains on how and why each came to choose plural marriage, how their …

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Babel’d: A Contemporary Performance

Babel’d is an exploration of queerness, Mormonism, community, and memory through solo performance. Centering around a game of giant jenga, the audience pulls blocks randomly that trigger scenes; from questions asked while blowing bubbles, to a monologue by the ghost of Morris Young. Babel’d uses texts and visuals from interviews, anecdote, scripture, and Mormon history …

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It’s Not Hopeless! Navigating Mixed Faith Marriage

As more Mormons experience faith transitions and faith awakenings many couples find themselves unexpectedly in mixed-faith marriages. This session presents both personal and professional insights into honoring both the challenges and benefits of differing beliefs in a marriage. We will highlight the gifts associated with individualization and fostering mutual respect for each person’s spiritual journey. …

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