Speaker: Julie de Azevedo Hanks

Why We Stay

This perennially well-received session features the stories of those who have chosen to remain active, dedicated Latter-day Saints even in the face of challenges to traditional faith.

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A Crisis Of Perception New Paradigms To Address The Complexities Of Modern Mormonism

Mormonism has inherited ways of thinking that are no longer sufficient to understand or address the complexities facing the 21st century Church. Concepts from cybernetics, systems theory, and complex thought will be presented as alternative lenses with which to view and wrestle with the Church’s increased historical transparency, gender concerns, racial diversity, LGBTQIA issues, and …

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Love And Gender Equality At Home A Model Of Family Transformation

Early relationship patterns lay the framework for our identity development, social interactions, and assumptions about others. If gender equality is to be achieved within Mormon culture and theology it must first be modeled in family relationships. Cultural Transformation Theory provides a framework for moving from a domination model that values “masculine” over “feminine” to a …

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