Speaker: Katy Savage

SL10335: Mormonism and Radical Politics

”The Relevance of Tolstoyans for Contemporary Latter-day Saints.” Tolstoyans adhered to Russian literary genius Leo Tolstoy’s philosophy of truth and brotherly love based on complete non-violence, vegetarianism, communal living, and a code of ethics that included abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and foul language. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Tolstoyans are similar …

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What Makes an Issue ‘Moral’?

What Makes an Issue ‘Moral’? One of the primary roles of religion is to address moral issues and ameliorate social problems. But in a politically and economically globalized world, religion must revisit what counts as moral and expand the scope of its obligations to address contemporary problems. In many ways, Mormonism has restricted its moral …

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