Speaker: Kelly Furr

From Lingering Longer to Bowling Alone: Tracking the Changes in Community and Social Capital Related to Faith Transitions

The LDS Church has historically been a social hub for many of its members, and as one’s orthodoxy wanes, often so too does one’s sense of community and belonging. This presentation will examine Robert Putnam’s research on the interplay between social capital, community, and religion in the Mormon context, and will tackle the following questions: …

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Parkland Strong: Mending the Tapestry

Kelly, a marriage and family therapist, and resident of Parkland, FL, lives less than a mile from Stoneman Douglas High School where the Parkland shooting took place, and has therefore been involved in the aftermath of the Parkland tragedy both personally and professionally. This presentation will give a first-person account of her experiences, as well …

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Parenting and Perfectionism in the LDS Context

Even though many know that the biblical injunction to “be ye therefore perfect” is referring to wholeness or completion through Christ, rather than the elimination of errors, literal perfectionism continues to pervade LDS culture. Parents who strive for perfection while raising their children may unwittingly pass on perfectionistic expectations and anxieties to their children, leading …

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