Speaker: Krys Corbett

SW09006: Confessions of a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

This session gathers past and present gospel Doctrine teachers to discuss their approaches to teaching and creating meaningful experiences in their classes. What are their strategies for leading great discussions or answering hard questions? What would their “dream” class be? What have they learned about themselves and their students over the years? What are their …

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SW07007: Divided Loyalties? Mitt Romney: The First Mormon President?

Divided Loyalties? Mitt Romney: The First Mormon President? In many ways, Mitt Romney is a dream candidate for Mormons: he is handsome, bright, charismatic, and articulate. He has been a successful businessman and politician as well as Church leader. He has a quintessential Mormon pedigree, polygamous ancestors; distinguished genealogy; son of a prominent political, business, …

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Caroline Barnes Crosby’s journal ranks as one of the most descriptive and fascinating accounts of everyday Mormon life from Kirtland and Nauvoo to Salt Lake City in the 1830s and ‘40s. And it is by far the most detailed coverage of the Church in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1850s, including her interactions …

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