Speaker: Lisa Hansen

Integrating the Opposites: Ethical Guidelines for Helping faith-based people who are sexually and/or gender diverse

Intense inner conflict and strained relationships often occur for sexually and/or gender diverse Mormons who are trying to reconcile their sexuality and/or gender identity with their faith. Policies and practices for understanding their concerns have been deeply polarized for decades. The Reconciliation and Growth Project (RGP), a group of 11 mental-health professionals and academics from …

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The Impact Of Wonder On Religious And Intimate Life

Wonder is excited by encounters with the unexpected, when we yield to “a sudden decentering of the self” (Bulkeley). Experiences of wonder spark both intense religious experiences and profound relationship connections. in both arenas—the intimately spiritual and the intimately social—when we are stunned, dazed, breathtaken, overwhelmed, consumed, or astonished, we feel yearnings to explore, to …

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