Speaker: Mark Petersen

Bringing Book of Mormon Artifacts to Augmented Reality

Through the power of augmented reality, Book of Mormon artifacts come to life! Learn how the gold plates, the Urim and Thummim (breastplate and spectacles) and other artifacts were modeled in 3D using historical research and eyewitness accounts. See how these and other artifacts can be viewed on your mobile device as if they existed …

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From Lingering Longer to Bowling Alone: Tracking the Changes in Community and Social Capital Related to Faith Transitions

The LDS Church has historically been a social hub for many of its members, and as one’s orthodoxy wanes, often so too does one’s sense of community and belonging. This presentation will examine Robert Putnam’s research on the interplay between social capital, community, and religion in the Mormon context, and will tackle the following questions: …

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