Speaker: Mica McGriggs

Achieving Zion: The Impact of Racism on Becoming One

Systemic racism is present in all communities, and Mormonism has uniquely benefitted from white-supremacy. During this session Dr. Mica McGriggs a psychologist and racial equity educator, will lead an exploration of the theological, relational, and personal aspects of racism. “Zion” cannot be achieved unless the sin of racism is rooted out and repented of. Restitution …

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Does The Lds Church Do More Harm Or More Good

Joseph Smith famously said the word “Mormon” means “more good.” Does the Mormon Church live up to its name? Or does it do more harm than good? In a lively but friendly debate, four social scientists will offer competing perspectives rooted in research and data. For the sake of discussion, the panel will bracket eternal …

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