Speaker: Michael Adam Ferguson

The Spiritual Brain

Brain science has matured to the point where it is beginning to subsume the philosophical discipline of religious phenomenology. In this session, Dr. Michael Ferguson will lead attendees through an exciting spiral of divine ascent, complete with detailed mechanisms for the cognitive and neural dynamics of theosis (i.e., divine imitation). The best of contemporary science …

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A Seer Is Greater Than A Prophet Empowering Mormon Mystics

Mysticism pertains to the discourse beyond discourse. It is a style of attending to events, and an experiential aesthetic. In this session, we discuss a theology of mysticism in the context of the Restoration movement by examining the spiritual gift of seership. The Restoration’s centrally-defining text—The Book of Mormon—asserts seership as a gift second only …

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The Religious Brain Project

Dr. Michael Adam Ferguson will present groundbreaking research on how the religious brain works. Using data from brain imaging scans, Ferguson will talk about what happens in the brain when praying, recalling spiritual experiences, or feeling a “prompting.” A Q&A session will follow. Michael Adam Ferguson

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