Speaker: Natalie Sperry Mandelin

Healing After Sexual Abuse: A Research Study With LDS/Mormon/Latter-day Saint Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This presentation will review the results of Amber’s doctoral dissertation, which was a qualitative research study with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The research was conducted with diverse participants including varying gender and sexual identities. Results include a gender analysis to show the differing experiences participants experienced across their gender identities. A theoretical model …

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Millennials, Mormonism(s), and Myth

Though Jaxon Washburn has been a Mormon all his life, being a transhumanist is an identity he has only recently taken. Now in the process of beginning his career path and life as a young adult, Jaxon has found direction, inspiration, and wonder in continuing to explore the boundaries of both his Mormon and transhumanist …

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