Speaker: Natasha Smith

Neurodiversity And Mormonism

The autistic community is often overlooked within Mormonism. As numbers of diagnosed and self-diagnosed autists continue to increase throughout society, the number of Mormon autists will also increase. How can non-autists (allists) better understand autism? In what ways do autists benefit from Mormonism and in what ways do we contribute? How do we struggle? How …

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Ready For Revelation

Ordain Women’s theme for this year is Ready for Revelation. Mormonism is founded on a deep appreciation for continuing revelation, but what does “continuing revelation” mean and how does it happen? By using examples from Mormon history, panelists will discuss the process of revelation and how small changes preceded big revelations. The panel will examine …

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Lunch With Femwoc A Panel About Empowerment Within The Margins

Last year FEMWOC discussed how policies, procedures, and the imperialist American culture of the Mormon Church shaped the experiences of women of color—including black, diasporic, and indigenous women. Panel members will explore how women of color are using their experiences to claim space and establish roots within our physical wards and communities, the progressive Mormon …

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