SL10154: Two Short Plays: Adam & Eve and Prodigal Son

With two back-to-back AML awards for Best Drama and a commitment to producing consistently solid scripts and productions, New Play Project will continue to have an important part in the world of Mormon arts and literature. We will share Adam & Eve and Prodigal Son–some of the best work from NPP–and open a dialogue about …

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SL10311: Film Screening: Trouble in Zion, a documentary

Trouble in Zion is an hour-long documentary offering a unique look at the 1838 Mormon/ Missouri War. The film retells a tragic piece of American history through spoken word, folk music, and even the vibrant pages of a comic book. It features intriguing interviews with notable scholars from history, religion, and sociology (such as Richard …

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SL10363: “Two Loves”: Documenting Gay Mormons’ Stories

Two Loves is a 25-minute documentary exploring the personal stories of gay Mormons, including an openly gay born-and-raised Mormon who has left the Church; an openly gay practicing Mormon; a same-gender attracted celibate, practicing Mormon; Carol Lynn Pearson, LGBT activist and ex-wife of a gay Mormon man; and a gay LDS teenager currently in the throes …

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