Speaker: Rebecca Smyrniotopoulos

Grace, Works, Devotion…and Video Games?

Each year, the population of “nones,” disenfranchised from conventional religion, increases. But the decline in traditional religions does not result in a lack of appreciation for religious concepts like works, devotion, and self-improvement. The rise of video gaming represents a new interactive model for myth-making, the practice of works, and devotion. By looking at age-old …

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Faith Crisis as Disorienting Dilemma: Road to Transformation

As greater numbers of believers suffer a faith crisis, better tools are needed to help with understanding and recovery. Mezirow’s Ten Phases of Transformative Learning—an adult learning theory—can assist in alleviating pain by guiding reflection and an exploration of new possibilities. Indeed, with a healthy process of acquiring new knowledge, identity, and relationships, transformation can …

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Protect Every Child

In 2018, thousands in the Mormon community rallied to protect LDS children from ecclesiastical abuse. In 2019, Mormons have formed a coalition to protect children of all religions. Sam Young, Rebecca Smyrniotopoulos

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