Speaker: Richard Delewski

SL10174: Panel: The Book of Job

The Book of Job has been labeled the ur-text of both tragedy and the practical joke; it has inspired such interpretations and responses as Answer to Job by Carl Jung and A Serious Man by the Coen Brothers. Often considered a tale of mature spirituality, it both elicits and demands thoughtful consideration. This panel will …

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Old Testament Studies: The Deuteronomist De-Christianizing of the Old Testament; Isaiah as a Lens to the Other Books of the Old Testament

The Deuteronomist De-Christianizing of the Old Testament KEVIN CHRISTENSEN, B.A., English, San Jose State University. In a 1980 Sunstone article, Melodie Moench Charles described “The Mormon Christianizing of the Old Testament,” citing several “distinguishing features of the Old Testament theology” that are “relatively consistent and are irreconcilable with Mormon commentary on the Old Testament.” Following …

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