Speaker: Robert A. Rees

A Quest For Holiness A Devotional

A quest for holiness is one of the more challenging dimensions of discipleship. Holiness is not something God can give but rather something we must desire and then pursue through conscious effort and unconscious yearning. Because holiness requires an ultimate commitment and a total surrender, few achieve it—or, achieving it, are able to sustain it. …

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Misreading Scripture The Abrahamic Sacrifice Reconsidered

Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son, Isaac, is often seen as the great paradigm for absolute faith and unquestioning obedience. Blind obedience has become the ultimate obedience—whether it is women acquiescing to polygamy, blacks accepting priesthood limitations, gays practicing celibacy, and, most recently, LDS Church members accepting the official account of the Church’s policy change …

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The Environment A Moral Issue For The Saints

Climate change and other environmental issues are threatening the long-term survival of our planet. It is a moral issue for all Christians, yet in the United States and many of the rest of the world’s governmental bodies seem incapable of coming up with solutions, mostly because there is money that can be made by exploiting …

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