Why We Stay

This perennially well-received session features the stories of those who have chosen to remain active, dedicated Latter-day Saints even in the face of challenges to traditional faith. Robin Linkhart John Gustav-Wrathall Maxine Hanks Nathan McCluskey

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All Fall Short An Interfaith Panel On Sin

Few concepts are as foundational to world religions as sin. But what is sin? Is it a violation of eternal law? A heart turned in on itself? Behaviors that create negative karma? An action? A state of being? This interfaith panel will explore sin from a variety of theological perspectives and will tackle not only …

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SL10373: Men and the Priesthood: Taking on the Feminine

Some feminists insist that they want equality in the priesthood while others just want to have a say in their culture. Before we brand an all-male priesthood as inherently bad, let’s step back and take a second look at some possible positive aspects of an all-male priesthood—as well as some of the drawbacks of such …

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