Speaker: Sara Hughes-Zabawa

The Gifts of a Faith Crisis

As individuals grow and develop, it is common for their spirituality and beliefs to be challenged and subsequently change. This experience, often called a “faith crisis,” can feel disorienting, traumatic, and isolating. This session honors those challenges but also highlights the unexpected gifts a faith crisis can offer. Sara Hughes-Zabawa, Anthony D. Miller, Jana Spangler

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Fostering and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries within a Mormon Construct

This session brings together a panel of mental health professionals and wellness coaches from Symmetry Solutions, LLC to provide suggestions on creating healthy boundaries in a religious context. We’ll discuss common challenges many of us face as we interact with a predominantly patriarchal and authoritative religious structure: from simple things such as whether one feels …

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Navigating and Strengthening a Mixed-Faith Marriage

As more Mormons experience faith transitions and faith awakenings many couples find themselves unexpectedly in mixed-faith marriages. This session presents both personal and professional insights into honoring both the challenges and benefits of differing beliefs in a marriage. We will highlight the gifts associated with individualization and fostering mutual respect for each person’s spiritual journey. …

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