Speaker: Sara Hughes-Zabawa

The Mormon Mind Game: Common Mormon Thinking Errors

Every culture, organization, religion, and person experiences thinking errors—commonly called cognitive distortions. This session will build off of Jennifer and Natasha’s popular session “Mormon Thinking Errors,” taking the conversation further and offering concrete strategies to combat cognitive distortions. Jennifer White, Natasha Helfer Parker, Sara Hughes-Zabawa

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The Gifts of a Faith Crisis

As individuals grow and develop, it is common for their spirituality and beliefs to be challenged and subsequently change. This experience, often called a “faith crisis,” can feel disorienting, traumatic, and isolating. This session honors those challenges but also highlights the unexpected gifts a faith crisis can offer. Sara Hughes-Zabawa, Anthony D. Miller, Jana Spangler

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Fostering and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries within a Mormon Construct

This session brings together a panel of mental health professionals and wellness coaches from Symmetry Solutions, LLC to provide suggestions on creating healthy boundaries in a religious context. We’ll discuss common challenges many of us face as we interact with a predominantly patriarchal and authoritative religious structure: from simple things such as whether one feels …

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